To get any data associated with your use of Picterus® Jaundice Pro deleted please send an email to requesting deletion. Our customer support at Picterus AS will reach out if any clarification is needed, but even an email with just the subject “Delete” will do.

The Picterus® Jaundice Pro app only takes images of a small part of the skin from the newborn’s chest and does not require any personally identifiable information from the patient (newborn) for calculating the bilirubin values.

For users of our application, Picterus AS stores the email address linked to the user account for subscribing to our bilirubin measurement service, which is required for performing bilirubin measurements using our the Picterus ® Jaundice Pro.

For every series of bilirubin measurement performed, which also includes attempts that do not provide a bilirubin value, we save the results and assign them a unique measurement ID number along with the timestamp of the measurement. This data can be linked to the stored images of the newborn’s chest as well as the user account.

Other information we collect includes device type, operating system, country, the Picterus® Jaundice Pro software version, and device language.

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