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Picterus® Jaundice Pro is a new CE-marked class IIa medical device that utilises a smartphone app and a colour calibration card to screen for neonatal jaundice. Picterus® Calibration Card is a class I medical device and an accessory to the Picterus® Jaundice Pro app. The patented technology is based on colour analysis of images to estimate the bilirubin levels in newborns, providing a non-invasive and convenient way to monitor and manage the condition. 

Picterus colour calibration card and smartphone application

A CE-marked class IIa
medical device

Optimised for accuracy and ease of use, Picterus® Jaundice Pro is well-suited for both hospital and home settings. It is designed for healthcare professionals and caregivers alike since bilirubin levels typically peak 3-5 days after birth, potentially outside the immediate postnatal care period.

Picterus® Jaundice Pro allows a caregiver to conduct multiple home screenings of their newborn and then contact a midwife or doctor to reconcile the results. Providing caregivers with a user-friendly jaundice screening tool can save valuable time while also reducing the strain on healthcare resources.

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A cost-effective solution

What sets Picterus® Jaundice Pro apart from other professional jaundice screening tools is the high emphasis on cost-effectiveness. Our solution offers a more affordable alternative without compromising on screening quality. Picterus® Jaundice Pro has been thoroughly tested to provide highly accurate results on a wide range of skin types based on data from more than 5 000 newborns worldwide.

This is how it works

Colour calibration card

Picterus® Calibration Card

The colour calibration card adjusts for lighting conditions and enhances smartphone camera performance.

Picterus® Jaundice Pro

The app ensures correct camera distance, positioning and quality and automatically takes six photos when aligned with the calibration card.

Jaundice on different skin colours

Bilirubin measurement service

Each picture is then analysed using our patented calculation model, which presents the bilirubin measurement in the app within just a few seconds.

How to use it

Follow these steps to get an accurate bilirubin measurement in just a couple of seconds: 

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Start the Picterus® Jaundice Pro app on your phone

Place the Picterus® Calibration Card on a flat section on the upper chest of the newborn

Align the camera with the calibration card

The app automatically takes pictures

Immediate result

How to get started

All that is required to use Picterus® Jaundice Pro is a calibration card and the app.

One calibration card can be used for multiple screenings on the same newborn. 

The app can be downloaded for free from your app store. It has been tested to work with a wide range of modern smartphones, including Android and iOS. 

Information video

Watch our Medical Advisor, Deborah Hill, introducing Picterus® Jaundice Pro at the Midwife Conference in Trondheim 2023.
Length: 10 min

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Clinical evidence

Picterus® Jaundice Pro has screened thousands of babies for jaundice worldwide. Our robust analysis methods show a good correlation between Picterus® Jaundice Pro bilirubin measurements and total serum bilirubin (TSB) values. Want to learn more about Picterus® Jaundice Pro and the importance of neonatal jaundice screening? Dive into the details of our pioneering work.

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