Evaluation of a Smartphone-based Screening Tool (Picterus Jaundice Pro) for Neonatal Jaundice

Sachsska barnsjukhuset, part of Södersjukhuset, Stockholm

Participants: 118 newborns

  • Age: 1 – 15 days
  • Gestational age: ≥ 37 weeks
  • Birth weight ≥2500 g

to evaluate the performance of Picterus Jaundice Pro in newborns of a Swedish population.

Methods: observational cross-sectional study correlating methods of measuring bilirubin levels by:

  • Images (Picterus Jaundice Pro)
  • Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer (TcB) (Drager Jaundice meter JM-105)
  • Total Serum Bilirubin (TSB) measurements


Results: Both Picterus JP and TcB measurements demonstrated a significant and high positive correlation with TSB. No systematic overestimation or underestimation of bilirubin levels was observed. A safety margin for measurement values from Picterus® Jaundice Pro is advisable. Newborns with one or both parents with a skin colour scored by Fitzpatrick scale with 5 or higher (dark brown and very dark brown to black) were excluded from data analysis.

This project was funded by Picterus AS.

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