Validation of the smartphone-based tool Picterus Jaundice Pro to detect neonatal jaundice in Norwegian newborns

St Olav Hospital, Trondheim

Participants: 200 term newborns

  • Age: 1 – 15 days
  • Gestational age: ≥ 37 weeks
  • Birth weight ≥ 2500 g


Aim: to evaluate the performance of Picterus Jaundice Pro in newborns of a Norwegian population.
Methods: cross-sectional prospective study, correlating bilirubin measurements by:

  • Images (Picterus Jaundice Pro)
  • Transcutaneous Bilirubinometer (TcB) (Drager Jaundice meter JM-105)
  • Total Serum Bilirubin (TSB) measurements


Results: The study demonstrated a high and significant correlation between the bilirubin measurements from Picterus JP and TSB levels. No systematic overestimation or underestimation of bilirubin levels was observed. A safety margin for measurement values from Picterus® Jaundice Pro is advisable.

This project has received funding through an individual PhD grant from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program (946013).

Read more about the study methods and results in the scientific publication >

Aune A, Vartdal G, Jimenez Diaz G, Gierman LM, Bergseng H, Darj E. Iterative Development, Validation, and Certification of a Smartphone System to Assess Neonatal Jaundice: Development and Usability Study. JMIR Pediatr Parent. 2023 Feb 28;6:e40463. doi: 10.2196/40463. PMID: 36853753; PMCID: PMC10015352.

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