Bilirubin estimates from smartphone images of newborn infants’ skin correlated highly to serum bilirubin levels

Anders Aune
Gunnar Vartdal
Håkon Bergseng
Lise Lyngsnes Randeberg
Elisabeth Darj

Aim: Neonatal jaundice is an important cause of morbidity and mortality, and identifying the condition remains a challenge. This study evaluated a novel method of estimating bilirubin levels from colour-calibrated smartphone images.

Results: Bilirubin estimates were performed for 302 newborn infants, and 76 had severe jaundice. The correlation between the smartphone estimates and TSB was measured by Pearson’s r and was .84 for the whole sample. The correlation between the image estimates and TcB was 0.81. There were no significant differences between the hospitals. Sensitivity was 100%, and specificity was 69% for identifying severe jaundice of more than 250 µmol/L.

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